The Bismarck

by Allen Cruz


Bismarck is a class of its own. The bismarck is a german battle ship that was the best ship on the german nation. The battle ship sank over 55 battle ships.bismarck sank the the M.H.S. hood in battle and that was the first battle ship it sank.The bismarck sank from an American battle ship called the Luwoa that shot the bismarck in the side 3 times one of the shells hit the oil tank and sank the Bismarck in the sea....the crew was still alive and held captive when the the bismarck sank.


The American ship called the Luowa got help from the Swordfish Airfighters from the french carrier called the H.M.S. Prince. while the battle was going on the British was fighting in the Pacific with the other big german battle ship also known as the sister of Bismarck.