cancun resort

This is a resort were people go to.This is a pool that you can swim in all day long if you like.You can get a good sun tan or you can just play.Thos os for a adult on vacation.There is a hotle you stay in.Its better than a motle 6.People will serve for you so you can have the best time of your life.

cancun food

This is a dish people eat.It looks a chiken caseadia.You can add sour cream,lettes,or tamatos

cancun map

In the middle is Cancun.It is on the bottom right side of Mexico.The blue part in the middle of Mexico is Cancun.

cancun cars

This is a lambo.They like to race a lot in Cancun.

water park

this is water park in Cancun.The slide is a water slide and is very very tall,so it can go very fast