Too Much Exercise, YES!

Exercise Bulimia

What is exercise bulimia?

  • Exercise bulimia is a subset of the psychological disorder called bulimia in which a person is compelled to exercise in an effort aimed at burning the calories of food energy and fat reserves to an excessive level that negatively affects their health.
  • People that are perfectly fit and in good shape see their self differently in the mirror than what others see them as.
  • Did you know that 27% of girls from 12-18 suffer from this


Thinking that they are too fat or not burning enough calories, so they get that in their head and exercise too much it is not healthy. It makes them feel left out, and looking at them differently than they look at their self.


  • Eating but having to burn off all the calories you just ate
  • Feeling your overweight when your not
  • Exercising way too much
  • Feeling left out
  • Feeling like you look different than everyone else

Do you know Demi? Well she has exercise bulimia too...

Demi Lovato has always been open about her struggle with eating disorders. She had been struggling with bulimia for a long time, and she has always made it a point to spread awareness about a positive body image. To lose weight, she stopped eating, almost starving herself and she lost 30 pounds, she revealed.


  • Feeling depressed
  • Unsatisfied
  • Vomiting


  • To look at yourself different than reality
  • To compare yourself with others'
  • Not skinny enough


  • Becoming anxious and angry or feeling guilty if you miss a scheduled workout
  • Becoming angry or defensive if someone suggests that you’re exercising too much
  • Measuring yourself to see how thin you are and feeling the need to work out more to get to your desired weight

Getting help...

For this disorder, it is always good to see a doctor or even if you don't want to talk with someone first. See doctor Drew! He is very knowledgeable in this disorder.