By: Breanna, Jamie, Whitney, Allyson


  • a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
  • most stereotypes aren't true and can be very hurtful if used in the wrong context.

Activity: What's in a Label?

Attach a label on each student's forehead (or back) so that the label is not visible to the wearer. These labels are being assigned randomly and have nothing to do with students' actual attributes. Give clues to the person who is "wearing" the label, but not too obvious of clues.

  • What words or phrases did you use to describe the label?
  • The person wearing the label, how did it feel to hear those things about yourself?

The Effects of Stereotypes

Stereotypes -- Stossel In The Classroom

Books That Deal With Overcoming Stereotypes

Tips For The Classroom

  1. Build a community with your students to make them feel safe and secure.
  2. Do not tolerate bullying, even the slightest stereotypical comment can be damaging.
  3. Talk openly to your class about any questions or myths they have regarding stereotypes.
  4. Focus on how everyone has unique qualities and embrace them by doing things like Star of the Week.


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