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Welcome to the inaugural issue of IR Update! This concise, informative newsletter is meant to provide you with timely, clinically relevant and actionable information to help you provide the highest quality of care for your patients. In this issue you will find:

  • Update on Y90
  • Interventional Strategies for Palliation of Painful Bone Metastases
  • PleurX catheters for Ascites and Effusions
  • IVC Filters - To retrieve or not to retrieve, that is the question

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Update on Y90 Radioembolization for Colorectal Metastases

The SIRFLOX trial is a large prospective multi-institutional study of the use of Sirspheres Y90 Radioembolization in conjuction with FOLFOX as first line therapy for patients with metastatic colon cancer. This trial is expected to report initial results at the end of March. The primary end-point will be Progression Free Survival.

Presently, there is data supporting the use of Y90 in salvage, as well as in first line and second line therapies. A Treatment diagram is below:

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