Trailblazers' Monthly Newsletter

December 2014

Trailblazers' 7th Grade Monthly Newsletter

 Dec. 1st – BASKETBALL -- @ Fulbright G & B   5:30Dec. 4th – BASKETBALL – Kirksey G & B – OMS  5:30Dec. 5th –  School Dance!!!!Dec. 9th – CHOIR Winter Concert  6:30 P.M.Dec. 11th – BASKETBALL -- @ Lingle G & B  5:30 (LINCOLN)Dec. 15th – BASKETBALL – Washington G & B – OMS   5:30Dec. 16th – BAND Winter Concert   7:00 P.M.Dec. 17th – MI FUTURO  8:00 A.M.   CafeteriaDec. 18th – ORCHESTRA Winter Concert  6:30 P.M.

Character Word of the Month


Coach Clark

 In the month of December we will be covering ratios, rates and percents. Please encourage your children to  do quiz corrections!

Mr. Gray

We will continue to use Newton's Laws of Motion to describe and measure motion in terms of speed, velocity, acceleration, mass, and force. Our next unit of study will be energy resources. We will examine and explore fossil fuels and alternative energy. sources.

Ms. Sparks

 This month we will begin our unit on “Perseverance” The students will be studying the play “Miracle Worker.” We will be analyzing  how experiences in our lives shape our personalities. Students will be working with argumentative writing as well as narrative writing . We will also continue studying root words.

Mrs. Annen

 Reconstruction AmendmentsJim Crow LawsWWIInfluenza EpidemicThe Great Mississippi Flood18th and 19th AmendmentsThe Great DepressionFDR/ New Deal ProgramsWWIIThe Civil Rights Movement/ Central High/Little Rock Nine