MILKWEED Jerry Spinelli

Adam Llerena


  • Protagonist: Misha Pilsudski. He is also called stop thief, jew, gipsy and filthy son of Abraham.
  • Main Characters: Uri (Misha's friend), Janina, Mr. Milgrum (Janina's dad)
  • Antagonist: The Jackboots (The Nazis)
  • Conflict: Misha needs to smuggle food into ghetto from Warsaw through a two brick hole without getting caught. Also, he has to deal with flops, they are Jews that guard the Jews(they don't have guns, only paddles). there is one particular flop named buffo he didn't need a paddle, he smothered children in his fat stomach.
  • Summery: Misha is a very very small gipsy boy in a city called Warsaw in poland. He makes a "living" from steeling bread and other goods from wealthy Woman, it was there that he met Janina his new friend. But when the Nazis start coming and and rounding all the Jews and Gipsies to live in the ghetto Misha, Janina and her family need to find a day to survive.
  • Question: Will Misha and Janina make it out of the ghetto alive, or will they be killed by the Nazi army?

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The Book:

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