Guzick GOLD News

Week Ending 9/16/16

Principal Message

We are nearing the end of the first six weeks of the 2016-17 school year and I am reminded of how truly fortunate we are to be in a place where people enjoy working with one another and where individual and group successes are celebrated on a regular basis. I thank each of you for all that you do daily to impact the lives of our Guzick Giant Students. I look forward to ending this six-weeks the way we started it, GOING THE EXTRA MILE FOR THE GOLD!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Guzick Family In Need

Please dig deep in your hearts and pockets to assist our Guzick GIANT Family who suffered great loss when their home was destroyed due to a fire. Thank you Ms. Boateng and the 4th Grade Team for your quick response of comfort and support for the family. Ms. Boateng sent out an email with the family's needs which I have forwarded to our Skyline Feeder Pattern Schools and the Buckner Terrace Homeowner's Association. Any amount of help, large or small will go a lon way in helping the family.

The needs of the family are included below:

· Shoes: Size 4 (Kinder), Size 4 (2nd grader), Size 4.5 (4th grader), Size 10 (5th Grader)

· Pants: Size 10 (Kinder), Size 12 (2nd Grader), Size 16 (4th grader), Size 9 (5th Grader)

· Shirts: Size 10 (Kinder), Size 10 (2nd Grader), Size 16 (4th grader), Size Medium or Large (5th grader)

· Socks, underwear. Sports bras,

· Toiletries: Shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, anything you can give.

· Gift cards

· Gently used clothing

· Any gently used furniture – If you have any furniture you no longer need or use, as they were unable to salvage anything.

The gender of the kids are below:

PK – Girl

2nd Grade – Boy

4th Grade – Boy

5th Grade - Girl

Guzick University Week! From Giants to Graduates

Thank you Ms. Boateng for organizing our College Go Get It Week Activities! Please let's participate in the daily themes to help promote college awareness. The daily themed days are as follows:

Monday: Crazy for College Sock Day
Tuesday: Fly Tie TuesDAY
Wednesday: Cap and Gown Day
Thursday: Geeked Up For College
Friday: Guzick University Day

Our First PTO Meeting of the Year!

Our very first Parent Teacher Organization Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 6pm in the Guzick Auditorium. Our awesome 5th Grade Leaders will be performing, and we will also be recruiting active PTO members. Thank you Ms. Thedford for you leadership in creating the PTO agenda.

In the spirit of competition, the grade level with the most teachers and parents in attendance will receive a special treat. So let's see if we can rally the troops and collaborate with our parents to support the success of our Guzick GIANT Students.

Upcoming Events/Important Reminders

Guzick Academy: Monday, September 19, 2016 @3:30pm in the library. Ms. Thurman will be conducting Activity Funds Training for all staff. Attendance is mandatory.

PTO Meeting: Thursday, September 22, 2016 @6pm. The competition is on. Which grade level can have the most teachers and parents in attendance? A special treat for the grade level is up for grabs!

Guzick Balloon Release Celebration: Friday, September 23, 2016 @2:30pm on the blacktop. Each class will attach their 10 years from now goals to the balloons and sens them up in the sky! Thank you so much Ms. Brown and Ms. S. Smith for your leadership around this momentous event. This will be an awesome end to our Guzick University Week.

SPOT Feedback Conferences continue next week. Thank you to each of the the teachers in Groups A and B for being prepared with your lesson/observation reflections. We are well on the way to meeting our Campus Action Plan Goal #2: Improving the Quality of Instruction with the implementation of this critical part of the Teacher Feedback and Support Cycle.

On the Horizon: Positive Behavior Support Team presentation of the Guzick School Wide PBS System at our staff meeting on Monday, September 26th.

On the Horizon: Guzick SPIRIT Pump at Raceway on Jim Miller Rd. In the next few weeks Guzick will have a designated gas pump at the Raceway on Jim Miller Rd. Guzick will receive a donation of 1 cent on every gallon pumped at our Guzick Spirit Pump, Please stay tuned for details on our Guzick Spirit Pump Launch Celebration. This is a great opportunity for Guzick to receive funds from our community sponsors to support the success of our students.