Green Charrette Spotlighted

Prominent Sustainable Non-Profit Promotes Green Charrettes

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Non-Profit Leads the Way to Successful Design Charrettes

How can sustainable development benefit a community?

As highlighted in this week's discussion cases, the utilization of a "green" or "lead" design charrette greatly facilitates and hones a develop team's focus towards sustainability. But how can industry leaders embrace and endorse cutting edge sustainable oriented innovations without understanding the complications presented through real-life implementation?

The Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF) has established a centralized "green" charrette in order to help educate community and industry leaders. This large design charrette is offered in various cities to provide insight as to how green and sustainable infrastructure investment may work on various municipal infrastructure and public buildings throughout North America.

This week's discussions focused on a single development team and depicted best practices common throughout sustainable projects. However, this design charrette congregates leaders from all facets of the sustainable design process. It has been made clear that sustainable development thrives with open lines of communication and design charrettes offer the ability for the free exchange of ideas. Expanding this concept to include a wide array of professionals only helps to bolster the already growing sustainable development industry.

As clearly stated in the program’s literature, “The purpose of a green charrette is to help all team members examine the impacts of sustainable buildings and infrastructure.”

What can be expected at the charrette?

This hosted event broadens the purpose to extend to community leaders in order to help illustrate how sustainable development can be successfully integrated into the municipal infrastructure, public buildings, and community cultures across all demographic and geographic parameters.

To help expand upon the principals of sustainable development, the green charrette provides participants with the following fundamentals:

  • · Proposing a selection of fifteen proven “green” strategies and allowing participants to “match” best practices with specific projects in need of redevelopment;

  • · Customization of a cost-benefit matrix, which allows for individual values to be tailored to the specific needs and demands of a participant’s community.

  • · Delivery of a final analysis report that provides recommended policy, program, and implementation actions necessary to successfully establish a sustainable oriented development culture.

Overall, participants in the green charrette will achieve a higher level of education in regards to the true benefits of sustainable infrastructure and buildings. More importantly, perhaps, participants are encouraged to engage in open discussions addressing complex problems facing urban centers in regards to sustainable development.

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A Confluence of Professionals

Professionals from all facets of the development industry are invited to attend the design charrette. Whether participants come to understand new strategies or to dispense valuable information from actual experience, the charrette offers an environment for open exchange of ideas and information among professionals committed to sustainable and green development.