Team Update, March 18th

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!

Celebrations and "family/team" updates!!!!

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"Our" three sons...

  • It's official, "we" are having three boys! Congrats to the Peterson, Bollhoefer, and Shaffer families.
  • Please join me in wishing a happy birthday over the break to Becky Schaaf! I hope she enjoys her birthday and time off!
  • Here is a chuckle from one of our own on his birthday card for Meals on Wheels, "You maybe old but ickleest (at least) you'r not ded." We are keeping that one for one of your special birthdays!!!
  • Have a WONDERFUL spring break and thanks for all each of you do!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • NEW - Just a reminder that if you need a sub on the day "of" and it is before 7:00 a.m. you are to call Kristi. If it is after 7:00, you call the school's office and leave the information on our voicemail. Please know that it is of GREAT help to us if you can know before 7:00 and contact Kristi as the start of the day is extremely busy. Also, teachers, if you know between 7:00-7:30, please call Valree on her cell (765-618-5065). I am usually at school but I can't check the office messages and I could start earlier trying to secure someone.
  • NEW: Today is Island/Sunglasses Day and goodies are in the lounge.
  • NEW: Teachers if you want student desks and tables (and your desk) disinfected over the break please clear of chairs and things.
  • NEW: SWIM 3/28-4/8 - Maynus
  • NEW: Our next birthday luncheon will be Friday, April 1st (for REAL).
  • Mar. Lounge Clean up Crew: Kdg.

Professional Development

Today I have put a one page article with 5 mistakes to avoid with using technology in certified staff's mailboxes.

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