High School Observations

Justice Rice

El Dorado High School

I went to El Dorado High School for my high school observations. I sat in Mr. Raine’s world history class and in Ms. Jones yearbook, phot imaging, and Journalism classes. I went back to my old high school. A lot has changed since I graduated. They have red and black days. On Mondays they go to all 8 classes 80 minutes and then seminar is 40 minutes. Seminar is like homeroom. The kids go there to get homework done and what not, if they are failing a class they have they have designated classrooms for math, reading, science, etc. where the kids who are failing one of those classes they get a pink slip sent to their seminar teacher and they have to report there. They have these laptop cases that they have to keep on their laptop and at the end of the year if they don’t have it on they get fined.

El Dorado High

They used this thing called google classroom where Mr. Raine posted daily questions. They could all respond and he could see who had responded to the question and who didn’t. Their assignments where also on the google classroom so if they missed something in class or where gone they have no excuse not to do it because all the assignments are posted in the google classroom for them to go look at. I really liked Mr. Raines style of teaching, he walked the kids through the assignment so they knew exactly how to do it and so they knew where everything was located. And the way his classroom is set up his desk is at the back with all the kids tables around and in front of him so he can see if people are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

The teachers I observered

My Experience

My Experience

I really enjoyed going back to my old high school and observing. It just made me want to teach high school even more. It’s crazy how much things change within two years, but it was so exciting to see all the new things and witness the new experience. I would have to say high school observations where my favorite out of all of them. I can’t to see what my future holds and I can’t wait to be teaching and coaching someday. These observations really opened my eyes to a different and greater perspective.