Hawk Happenings!


Hello, HRBA Families!

I hope that everyone is hanging in there with all the changes going on. It has been a wild ride, for sure. Tuesday evening, the principals received an email from Dr. Chen at the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, stating that Pierce County Schools are "required" to use distance learning in the fall, until the numbers improve. This does not change anything for us, as we had already made the call and gone with distance learning for grades 1 - 8. PK and K will continue to be onsite for our educational full day childcare "camps". We are still running our small group tutoring cohorts in the afternoons for 1st - 8th grade. We will not have extended care because, in our recent survey, only 1 family wanted it. For more on the last survey's results, read below.

I can tell you that, while we worked hard to implement a good program with no notice last Spring, what we have planned for this school year is an improvement. How? The teacher schedules will be set so that instruction occurs at the same time every day and it will be consistent. Also, we just purchased new webcams that will provide higher quality audio and visual for remote instruction. Additionally, the teachers will be onsite for morning virtual instruction (grades 1 - 8) and able to meet with the students in the afternoons. This will allow for better in-person assistance and enhanced communication. As a school, we are also committed to improving any communication issues that happened in the spring with regards to student progress. We have also met as a staff to go over the many curriculum resources and have purchased new items in almost all areas: English LA, Spanish LA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Instead of trying to use the typical classroom resources, we have sought out the best available to implement for both remote and in-person instruction. Finally, we have streamlined the platforms that we will use to make things easier on kids and parents: Seesaw for grades 1 - 4 and Google Classroom for grades 5 - 8. We believe that we are creating a phenomenal product for our school community and will be able to pivot between onsite and offsite instruction as each is required/available.

Thank you for those who are hanging in there with us. To be perfectly honest, it has been a bit dispiriting lately, since we are working so hard to put all of this together and we have had several families un-enroll. We understand that everyone has to make the best choice for their family and their circumstances, but it is still sad for us and makes our already tight budget beyond challenging. We could use your prayers and your referrals. Thank you, in advance, for both. Please scroll through the info in this newsletter (very important info below) to find out answers to FAQs and to review supply lists. Also, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Have a blessed week,

Katie Dempsey

Q & A About the Year!

Q: Do children wear masks when they are on site at school.

A: Yes!! All students from Kindergarten and above MUST wear a mask at school. PK students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to wear them, but they are not required. Ms. Patty and Ms. Nilsa will be modeling, them though...of course!

Q: Can you request a particular afternoon for your child's cohort? Can they go in families?

A: Yes! Please let us know if you need a particular day and we will try to accommodate. Also, unless you don't want your children on the same day, that is our goal for ease of transportation.

Q: What if the state does a "stay home order"...will this impact the school situation?

A: No, we are told that childcare and "camps" are acceptable even during a stay home order. We hope that the cohorts will be fine, as well. The state's emphasis for getting kids on site has been focused on the at risk and ELL population, which is definitely a focus at HRBA, so we feel we are in good shape.

Q: What about uniforms?

A: PK and K students are required to wear uniforms, as normal. Students in other grades are asked to wear the white or navy blue polo top with pants, shorts, or jeans during both Zoom classes and when onsite for cohort tutoring classes. The full uniform is not required. If you need uniforms, contact the front office. We have a TON!!

Q: How about those supply lists???

A: We have reworked the supply lists, due to the ever-changing circumstances. We did not want to burden families with a full list until we are back in school. So, we are finally getting the new lists out to you today. SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW. They will have a section for remote learning only and one for the regular school year list. Please check in with your child's teacher if you have questions.

Q: When do we start and what is the process?

A: The start date for school is Sept 1st. We will do health screening with temperature checks before all children enter the building. Drop off for PK and K begins at 7:30 am. that day and every school day.

Q: Is there anything special before the year begins?

A: We will have a special mass to celebrate the beginning of the school year. This will be held on Aug, 31st at 6 pm. We hope that all families can join us. It will be held outdoors in the St. Martin of Tours Parish parking lot.

Q: What about picking up Chromebooks?

A: We are sending out a schedule for you to come and pick up a Chromebook, any textbooks, and visit with the teacher for a few minutes. Some teachers will be doing initial assessments for children to start the year. That information is coming out very soon. Stay tuned!

Q: What about weekly school masses?

A: We will have mass (hosted by a class) every week on Thursday at 3 pm in the church. Please attend if you can. This will begin Thursday, Sept. 10th.

Q: What if I have other questions that weren't answered?

A: Please contact Ms. Dempsey, Ms. Nina, or any of the other teachers/staff if we can answer other questions.

Contact Info for Teachers:

Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher anytime!

PK - Ms. Patty Montes- pmontes@holyrosarybilingual.org

K - Ms. Raquel Lambrecht- rlambrecht@holyrosarybilingual.org

1st - Ms. Madison Miller - mmiller@holyrosarybilingual.org

2nd - Ms. Josie Strode - jstrode@holyrosarybilingual.org

3rd/4th - Ms. Natalie Iverson - niverson@holyrosarybilingual.org

5th/6th - Mr. Ivan Achata - iachata@holyrosarybilingual.org

7th/8th - Mr. Gabe Farias - gfarias@holyrosarybilingual.org

Survey Results from Last Week:

  1. Do you need/want extended care for your child in PK or K? 94% No, 6% Yes
  2. If afternoon cohort tutoring groups were offered for grades 1 - 8, would you be able to bring your child? 93% Yes, 7% No
  3. Would you prefer (for grades 1 - 8) teachers did additional Zoom meetings for all students in the afternoons or do cohort groups for students that could come 1 - 2 times per week? 79% prefer cohort sessions onsite, 21% prefer more online learning
  4. Other Questions? Most were on masks and scheduling of cohorts. Those items will be answered in the next section.