Volcano Restort

By: Sara Torres

Shield Volcano

Shield Volcanoes are very quiet so this volcano could be good for relaxing and having like a "spa day". At the volcano resort in any of the participating shield volcanoes you could have a relaxing day there while you watch the beautiful shield volcano ooze out lava. If you want a very relaxing vacation you should go to shield volcano. Shield volcanoes are better than the other types of volcanoes if you want to relax. The shield volcano is better to relax in because the other types of volcanoes are very loud and explosive. At the shield volcano you could relax and have fun.

Cinder Cone Volcano

The cinder cone volcano is very explosive. This volcano is more for adventurous people. People who want action and can get you off your feet. This volcano explodes out lava instead of oozing out lava like a shield volcano. What you could do when you visit a cinder cone you could watch the volcano explode out lava, go to the Cinder Cone volcano emporium gift shop, go to the cinder cone volcano science center where you could explore the wonders of a cinder cone volcano. So if you want some action in your vacation then think no farther and go to a Cinder Cone volcano.

Composite Volcano

A composite volcano is a mixture of both types of volcanoes together. So this volcano is for people who want to relax but still have so action in the volcano. This is a great volcano for everyone in the family. This is a good one for the family because when your kids are having fun looking at the volcano(supervision by counselor or by legal guardian) while you are relaxing by a massage by the volcano. So those are some reasons why to stay at a beautiful composite volcano resort.