Air force

We want you!

Serve our country!

Here is the US Air Force, we are like a big family. Every week you work 40 to 48 hours of your assigned job. the rest of your time (off time) is yours to enjoy. We are like a small community, we have on base housing, shops, and schools. You earn money for education.

Come join us!

The information below is one of the many recruiters throughout the US. Go to him to join. In order to join you must pass your asvab (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) you take that at meps (military entrance processing station). It covers 8 general subjects. It will test not only your current knowledge, but also your propensity to learn in different subject arenas. It contains questions on English, Science, Mechanics, and Electronics. You can prepare for this test by using an ASVAB study guide. The study guide can be obtained at your local library or you can purchase one at most major book stores.

Test 1 General Science (GS) 25 11 mins.

Test 2 Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 30 36 mins.

Test 3 Word Knowledge (WK) 35 11 mins.

Test 4 Paragraph Comp (PC) 15 13 mins.

Test 5 Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 25 24 mins.

Test 6 Electronics Information (EI) 20 9 mins.

Test 7 Auto & Shop Information (AS) 25 11 mins.

Test 8 Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 25 19 mins.


ASVAB Test Info: