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What is a Chemist

  A Chemist is a person who studies elements, compounds, and mixtures. They use these to create new products. They help discover new medicines that help with pain and cure diseases. They help benifit the society by creating fibers for bullet proof protection vests, they make hair styling gel better, and help solve the worlds energy crisis.

Key Facts about Chemists

Personality of a Chemist

Being a Chemist isn't all about how smart you are it is also about your personality. The personality of a Chemist is perseverance, curiosity, and the ability to focus on the detail and work independently.


The salary for a Chemist is a small salary but is a very liveable salary. The yearly salary for a Chemist is $69,760. 

Companies and Growth

The average growth is 3% to 6%. The companies that hire Chemists are Dow Chemical, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Thermo Fisher Scientific.


To become a chemist you first have to have masters, bachelors, or a PhD degree. They first should study biological science, math, physics, chemistry, and computer science.