Empowering Our Cardinal Writers

Next Steps for 2016

Professional Learning and Planning for Kinder-2nd (with 3rd)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Clayton Elementary

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Developing Strong Writers-

Reminding Ourselves . . .

Word Referent

Possible Lesson Ideas for 2-3 (below)

Possible Lesson Ideas for K-1 (Below)

Word Referents 2.0

Let's practice . . . .

Then . . .

Think about upcoming lessons, texts or themes.

Discuss how you could design grade appropriate/age specific word referent lessons.

How can we ensure that students use this type of variety and see this as a revising strategy.

Discuss texts or specific student samples you could use to illustrate or provide examples or non-examples

Flip The Sentence

Flip the Sentence | Weekly Writing Lesson

Incorporating Direct and Spiraled Instruction on Flip the Sentence

When? Where? How for your specific grade level?

Go to the literacy library or pick a favorite text and see if you can find paragraphs or examples to pull for students for a mini lesson.

When/how can we have students go back in to previous writing and pull a paragraph to make it come alive with flip the sentence? or word referents?

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Revising and Editing Steps

Take a Look at the Revising and Editing Required of our 4th Graders.

How can we use the strategies such as word referents, flip the sentence, sentence starters, or detail (sensory questions) to build authentic revising and editing in for our students in mini lessons, conferences, and the overall workshop process?

Kindergarten Additional Planning

Look at Yearly Itinerary for Math as well as Exemplars Provided in the Folder Below.

Using the exemplars and the CGI philosophy and examples you have . . . plan and incorporate best practice strategies and/or team lessons for authentic and deep math thinking. Have a reporter capture your team notes and plans.

Phase 2-As a team, Continue reviewing student TPRI and reading data to this point. Set and/or reset your group listing for students based on level/need. Review the TPRI Intervention Kit as well as the literacy library for instructional planning for your developing readers/writers.

1st and 2nd Grade

In teams, continue the discussion of writing as it relates to reading in the classroom. Take a specific texts that demonstrate author's craft with details, imagery, flip the sentence, or word referents. Plan for writing a piece every couple weeks with mini lessons, etc.

Then take a look at the specific video vignette/overview from EW below on tips for how to build better expository pieces with our students. Think about each step as defined and start to discuss/plan as a team your steps for building these structures with your students step by step. Map out and calendar (as a team) a possible structure through the next nine weeks for incorporating these tips and expository writing (as defined by EW) explicitly (in addition to what you may have already done)--also collaboratively planning for and considering/sharing the mentor texts (articles) you might use and the reading/writing connection for mini lessons. You have a wealth of authors, your EW book, the lit library, and non-fiction pieces to use.

Please have a recorder capture your discussions, thoughts, and any plans mapped out to share with our leadership team so that we can continue to better support you and your efforts.

5 tips for Expository Writing

2nd Grade-Part 2

Look at CCC Module Provided in the Folder Below.

How can we infuse math lessons with a greater CGI philosophy, use of problem solving, and student representation using manipulatives and/or concrete models?

Decide on/share specific anchor charts and a variety of strategies.

Plan for student math problem solving daily as a team for the next three weeks with your journal entries and word problems, etc.

Have a reporter capture your team notes and plans (this may continue through team meetings). Thanks.

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