John Adams

for president

Strong government

Support John Adams because he tried to strengthen our military. So we would have protection from war and foreign conflict. That would keep people safe and allow economy to grow. This would better society. A better society would bring inventors and crafter and would develop new technology.

The good in the alien and sedition acts

John Adams made our government stronger with the alien and sedition acts because if a rebellion accrued and the rebellion was made up of French immigrants or British immigrants still loyal to Britain. If it were they were to be fired upon the kings of their countries would see as slaughter. A stronger government would mean more laws and even further enforcement. So less people would become criminals, fewer criminals would allow more space for real estate and farms. The things that are grown could be traded for things we cannot grow ourselves.

Better trade

Good trade would bring in money that the government could use to hire soldiers or pay off any debts. The money could also be used for buying ships and guns or building materials. Trade would better economy prices would drop there would be fewer homeless people. There would be short lived golden age in America.