Burglar Needed

High Risk, High Reward, Great Adventure.

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Skilled Burglar Needed

Are you running into money problems? Thirsting for adventure? Living in a hole in the ground and want to write a book, but you don't know what about? Then you need an Adventure! A wizard and a small group of dwarfs are looking for Burglar to sneaking a mountain with no armed guards and its FILLED with gold. Nothing brings in the ladies of any and all races like gold and adventure! (but mainly the gold).

The "Pest" problem

Many may have hear that an unfriendly beast have made the mountain there home, but let me insure you that it is of little concern. A skilled Burglar would easily be able to sneak around it and take the gold, if you do wake it up then you would have killed us all. But a good Burglar wouldn't do that.
The Picture Below shows the Pest on a scale* of a human finger.

1*Might be real size
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