World War II

By: Jeb W. Nytes

Essential Question #1

Cause and Effect

The Cause of the war was when Germany a.k.a Nazis bombed Poland from the west and two days later France and Britain declared war on Germany. We joined in the war when Germany bombed Pearl Harbor The Effect was that most of the Nazi people were doing crimes and Hitler committed suicide in his under ground bunker.

World War II

Essential Question #2

What happened in the past
1939 is when World war II started. Germany started the war by bombing Poland and we got in the war after we got bombed in 1941. The war lasted 6 years. The allies we had were the Poland, France and Norway.

Fun Facts

Germany lost 110 division commanders in combat
40,000 men served on U-boats and 30,000 of them never returned.
12,000 heavy bombers were shot down during WWII
3 or 4 ground men were wounded for each killed.