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If you or your students want to use our citation generator, just click on the link on our website or type in Make sure and register and use our coupon code in order to get all the bells and whistles. If you or your students already have an account just go under settings and add the coupon code -putnamn2013. You must do this every year to make sure and get the subscription.

Below is a link to a tutorial on how to create notes and outlines on Easybib and the tutorial is on how to cite. You can only get the Notebook option if you have the coupon code.

A brief introduction to EasyBib

Research Resources

Don't forget we have databases, research guides and links for you and your students on our Library Web Pages. We also have tutorials on how to use certain technology on our tech tools page. The database passwords are in the yellow boxes, just highlight and the usernames and passwords appear.

PCN Library webpage

Google Account

You and your students have Google Accounts- if they student has signed the form they have an active account. The day after the student changes their passwords next week (Sept 16th o 17th). Their google account sign in will be their and their password should be the same one they use to logon to the computer.

If you need info on your Google Account or your password reset please let us know. Below are several tutorials on ways you can utilize Google Drive with your students or yourself.

As we get more involved with Google Classroom we will send tutorials and be able to help transition to that

Google Drive Tutorial 2013 - Composing Google Docs (2/6)
Google Drive Tutorial 2013 - Sharing Files and Folders (3/6)
Google Drive Tutorial 2013 - Third-Party Apps (6/6)