WISD Data Team Presents Edition #3

Semester 2 Preparation has Begun

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall" – Oscar Wilde

11/01/2021: FID Collection Closes

11/01/2021: Immunization Deadline
11/10/2021: Fall General Collection Submission Certification Deadline

11/17/2021: Fall General Collection Recertification Deadline

11/17/2021: Early Childhood Fall Collection Submission Certification Deadline

12/01/2021: REP Fall Collection Closes

12/15/2021: Early Childhood Spring Collection Opens

PowerSchool News, Hot off the Press!

Need help scheduling Semester 2 classes or making school building edits?

If you are struggling to edit some student schedules or perhaps have building questions in PowerSchool.....please join our drop-in lab for help. This session does not have an agenda. You can stop in anytime during this one hour window. Please note, if your question is too in depth for this arena, we will schedule an individual zoom meeting with you at a later time.

Date: November 16, 2021

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/93957565147?pwd=VmFOZmNQL1NaTTRmYkhSNmQ2dk5JQT09

PowerSchool Report Card Changes

Not sure how to edit a report card in PowerSchool? Wondering what to do? Here are some great articles to assist you.


#BeCyberSmart - if some one is asking for information they should not have or you are unclear on providing, ask more questions to confirm their identity with information you already have on file. Always keep your password safe, private and log out when you walk away from your work station.

Why Contacts Matter

Editing Contacts in PowerSchool is of the utmost importance. Being an area that is often edited "on the fly" it is vulnerable and a target for mistakes.

  • Why be concerned?
    • Your district could be violating FERPA regulations
    • Other systems "feeding" from PowerSchool may be impacted with inaccurate contact data
    • Emergency forms sent to parents may contain incorrect information
    • The wrong person may be contacted when a true emergency is happening with a student in your district

What can we do? Professional development is key. Training, training and more training. The resources below can help you lead the way.

Michigan Data Hub Update

For districts that have not done so, please review your code set mappings in PowerSchool. This is necessary to accurately publish data such as: attendance, discipline codes, grades, staff classifications**, and grade levels to MiDataHub. To complete these mappings, from the PowerSchool start page navigate to System > Codes Set Mappings and System > Code Set Mappings (Other).

If your district is planning to submit aggregated Fall 2021 benchmark assessment data via MiDataHub: In addition to reviewing your code set mappings in PowerSchool, it is helpful to verify that students have UIC numbers and teachers have PIC numbers populated. This will help ensure that all relevant data publishes to the hub successfully.

**Staff Classifications are currently failing to publish for all PowerSchool districts due to a product defect. This is supposed to be fixed in the next state reporting update

Please help us so we may help you

Please take a moment and fill out this brief google questionnaire. Thank you for your time!

Meet the Technology Data Team

We are excited for our local districts to know who we are! Please meet the Data Team represented in the Data Team Focus area below.

The Technology Department is lead by Merri Lynn Colligan - Chief Information Officer Technology Services

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