News in a Flash: Kickoff 2020-21

Summer Edition- July 8, 2020

Time to get ready!

Hello, Flashes!

After the unprecedented end to the school year, returning to a routine is something we all likely crave and, quite honestly, need. Hopefully, you have been following district announcements on social media posts for both FCHS and FTCSC; there will be more forthcoming as soon as information is available. One thing we know for certain is that the school year will get started on time and we must prepare for its arrival-- that means textbooks, parking permits, pictures, spirit wear, and (of course) schedules will all be available soon! Here are the details...

***FLASHES KICKOFF 2020-21***

Format, Procedures, and New Activities

Formerly known as Textbook Pickup and Registration, Flashes Kickoff 2020-21 will take place in just a couple of weeks! Though much of the event will be the same, due to both COVID-19 guidelines and some new processes being put in place to streamline beginning-of-the-year events, students are assigned specific windows of time to report and complete a checklist of items to get ready for the new school year. There is no need to sign up for an appointment this year-- just report to the main entrance of the school (Door #1) during your specific window detailed below:

Monday, July 20th

7 am - 10 am: Freshmen

10 am - 1 pm: Seniors

Tuesday, July 21st

7 am - 10 am: Sophomores

10 am - 1 pm: Juniors


Please keep in mind that these are windows and you can arrive at any point during your designated time frame to complete the checklist of necessary items (provided upon entry.) Experience has told us that the majority of families show up at the very beginning or very end of the window; please consider arriving sometime into the time frame to keep lines moving, eliminate wait time, and maintain required social distancing.

To ensure fidelity to state and local protocols, we are asking that only the student and, if needed, one additional person attend Flashes Kickoff 2020-21. Again, we are attempting to give everyone the opportunity to be prepared for the start of school while also maintaining a safe environment for that start. Masks must be worn at all times while in the building, with the exception of in front of the camera for pictures.

We understand that these are very specific time frames, but ask that everyone adhere to them as much as possible to help us get the school year started on time and with everyone's health and safety at the forefront of all interaction. These are uncharted waters for all of us and we greatly appreciate your help and consideration.


1. Pictures and IDs: Students will have their pictures taken and IDs printed at kickoff. IT IS NECESSARY FOR STUDENTS TO GET THEIR PICTURES TAKEN AT THIS TIME. More information will be available on the checklist, but multiple photographers will be set up in the main cafeteria to expedite the process. To maintain social distancing, only students will be allowed in the cafeteria.

2. Online forms: All forms, including the student handbook, are online this year. The district and school social media pages have had instructions for how to complete these posted for a while, but the info is the picture below in case you missed it. Please complete all forms prior to attending the kickoff--- this will also help expedite your checklist!

3) Parking Permits: Permits will be sold in the main gym at kickoff. Be sure to bring your driver’s license, car information, and $20 fee. Only juniors and seniors will be able to purchase a parking permit and must bring the COMPLETED parking permit application with parent signature and their driver's license with them. A minimum g.p.a. of 2.0 is also required to purchase the parking permit.

Big picture

TEXTBOOKS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. It is vitally important that every student attends Kickoff to pick these up.

Additionally, we will not be interrupting classes to take school pictures. Please be sure to attend so you can have your photos made and get your school ID. We will be sharing package and order information from Lifetouch soon!

In an effort to limit surface contact as much as possible, lockers will not be assigned to the student body in its entirety (most do not use them now that we are largely digital.) However, if a student has a physical or medical need that requires the use of a locker, there will be staff available at a station to assist with getting one for them.

Kickoff Stations... New and Improved!

Device Check *IMPROVED*

Textbooks and Fees

PE Uniform Purchase

AP Fees and Info

Spirit Wear

Pictures and IDs *NEW*


Club Table *NEW*

C9 Parking and Transportation *NEW*

Parking Permits *NEW*


Online Forms *IMPROVED*

Health Services

Student Fees and Device Information

To ensure accurate fee statements and totals, please bring your device to Kickoff with you, regardless of whether it is your own or a rented Chromebook. There will be a station to meet with IT to confirm rental or BYOD status and necessary billing. You will not have to go through any IT updates unless you are new to the district or have a new device. This will significantly speed up the process in comparison to previous years.

Textbook rental fees can be paid at textbook pick-up by cash or check. If you plan to pay with a credit card, please pay online through RevTrak. Textbook rental statements are for first semester only and will be available in Infinite Campus starting July 20th. Second semester statements will be available in January.

Student Schedules

Schedules will not be mailed as in years past and can either be obtained at Kickoff or via Infinite Campus on or after July 27th. Hard copies of schedules that were not picked up at Kickoff will also be available on the first day of school in the Guidance Office. However, Infinite Campus will contain the same information and prevent unnecessary additional contact.

Students and parents are reminded that schedules will only be changed due to error or lack of prerequisites. Changes of mind, teacher requests, and lunch changes cannot be honored. Students will have an opportunity to report any errors to the guidance department during Kickoff.

At this point, the only schedule changes that are allowed are due to errors or to drop a course for a study hall. Students enrolled in seven courses may drop one course for a study hall during the first five days of each semester without grade penalty. Students are not allowed to drop an AP or Pre-AP class for a study hall.

Any errors or requests to drop a course for a study hall should be directed to the student's counselor via the Schedule Change Form on the FC website under Guidance Counseling. Requests to drop a course for a study hall must be approved by parent or guardian.

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