African Rainforest

By: Misuni K.

African Rainforest

The African Rainforest is a tropical area with many, many trees located in Eastern Africa.

One thing about the forest is that it is falling silent! That means that many animals are disappearing because many are becoming endangered. That's because

people are hunting them for their food. Over 25% of medicines are found in the African Rainforest. There is always a very high level of rainfall in the rainforest. Also, because of so much deforestization, 90% of the forest has been whipped out! If you keep on reading, you'll find out much more about the wonderful African rainforest!

The Baka People

Baka People-

*Arrived in Cameroon, January 1977

*Live in Cameroon

*They believe that Kamba created the world

*Kamba- their god

*Speak in Bantu languages

*Believe that the rain forest is their parents

Extra Fact-

*The first African tribe was created my a Greek poet in the 8th century


Oh Trees, Oh Trees... So Green! So Beautiful!

Land forms in the Rainforest

If you ever go in a rain forest, you might find a...






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