Maximus Stronghold vsFalco Assassin

The Gladiator Battle of the year

The battle of The Fast and the Gladiators

  • The battle is being held at the Roman Arena of Arles, on April 6th 96 AD.

Payment & Extra Information

The cost to get into the arena is 1 As for a higher up seat, 1 Sesterce for a middle seat, and 1 Aureus for the lowest seat level.


If you sit in the lower sections, free t-shirts and loafs of bread will be thrown and you have the chance to get them!

The Gladiators

~Maximus Stronghold is at the strong, the tough, 6'4 Samnite gladiator. This monster of a man has won the battles of The Stabbing Games and the Grand Theft of Rome.

~Falco Assassin is the the mighty chariot racer. He is an Essedarius Gladiator. He has won the battles named Chariot Ops 1, and Call Of Duty; Gladiator Begins