SIM Unit Organizers -- September 28

Conference Period Professional Development


  • ALL students had UOs in every class visited.
  • ALL students knew how to read the UO.
  • Most students could explain the different parts of the UO.
  • Most students could easily pick out where the class was in regards to the UO.

Matt Pope also mentioned over and over again that our students are so polite and well-behaved.

Areas of Growth

  • Big Picture
  • Unit Schedule
  • Expanded Map
  • Self-Test Questions
Big image

Big Picture

  • Identifies common themes among multiple units.
  • The lines on the sides show connections. (Dotted lines represent connections between the last and next unit. Solid lines represent no connection.)
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Big image

Unit Schedule

  • Must include all activities in the unit including the launch and how the unit will be assessed.
  • Does not need to include dates.
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Expanded Map

  • Should not be completely filled in for students or done as a teacher-led activity.
  • Students need to complete these on their own -- take ownership.
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Unit Self-Test Questions

  • Questions should relate to mastery of TEKS.
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Upcoming SIM dates

FRAME Training


Walkthrough, Modeling, etc. with Matt Pope



Formal Walkthrough

12/3/15 from 1:00-4:00

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