A Christmas Carol

A book for the past, present, and future!

Book Review

Someone would read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to learn valuable lessons about life and how to be kind, and why it pays off. First, it teaches life lessons on how to be kind. This is a valuable lesson because it shows the world that being mean and grumpy is not a good way of life. Everyone can learn a lesson about this by reading A Christmas Carol. Also, the author makes the story very interesting by adding the idea of ghosts. Charles Dickens makes a nice addition of kind-of-spooky and humorous to make a good story. Finally, it has a good ending. Like any story, the book has a nice ending which goes to the reader's heart as you see Scrooge repay everyone he was rude to. All-in-all, the book is very compelling and it adds an interesting twist to the concept of moral stories.


Sacrifices Made

In the book, one sacrifice Scrooge has to make was to give money. This was a sacrifice because Srooge loved money and thought nothing was worse than poverty. However, giving money made him a kind person, and made him a better person. One sacrifice I had to make was to skip playing with my friends to study. I sacrificed my time, and couldn't hang out with my friends, which I really wanted to do. Instead I studied and I got a good grade on a test.