Colorado River

Fresh Water River Biome


Covered With Dams! 14 on the main stem! And more on the tributaries. Its Delta is at the Baja California. Known For its Rapids is a popular place for rafting.

Grand Canyon!!!! The most popular tourist attractions, a massive canyon carved by the Colorado River. The Horseshoe Blend a beautiful, part of the river, couple miles down stream of Glens Dam, Covered with minerals, like Hematite, Platinum and Garnet.

Weather in the Colorado River

Average Precipitation

Rain Fall: 7 - 25 Inches

Snow Fall 60 - 160 inches

Average Temperature

32F - 54F Winter

54F 88F Summer

In the summer Light clothing is fine but in the winter you need heavy clothing>

Animal Live

In the River lives various mammals, reptiles, fish that live in and around this river.

For examples if fish:


-Striped Bass

-Rainbow Traut


There is lots of different types of mammals too!

Elk, Mountain Sheep, and Gray Wolves live

around the middle and upper elevations.

Beavers, Bald Eagles Musk Rats Bob Cats Coyotes, and otters lives in the lower regions>

You can find lots of reptiles, and amphibians there too!

Of course, it the Hot Areas live some, Rad Spotted Toads, Western Painted Turtles, and Rocky Mountain Toads.

Plant Life

Lots and Lots of plants life around this river!!

For examples of some,

Bushes; The Salt Cedar and the Salt Bush and Juniper.

And trees; Palo Verde and Piñon Pine