71st Pennsylvania

2015 Annual Meeting

2014 Year in Review

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Thank you Captain Good

We would like to express our gratitude for Randy Good's years of service as Captain of the 71st. Through his dedication and love of this unit, the 71st has been able to be one of the best Reenacting units in the hobby. Thank you Randy!

2014 Highlights

Annual Meeting at the Hatfield American Legion Post 933

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 9am

2100 Koffel Rd

Hatfield, PA

1. 9:00 AM - Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

2. Membership ratification per Bylaw

3. Company Commanders Report

  • Meeting guidelines
  • Recruiter Appointment – Casey Chuhinka pending approval of membership
  • USV Annual Meeting update

4. Secretary’s Report- (minutes from 2014 Annual Meeting and December 2014 Monthly Business will not be read because they’ve been posted)

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Event Coordinator’s Report – Proposed events for 2015 will be reviewed and voted on

7. 1st Sergeants Report

  • Review of NCO selection SOP
  • NCO selections for upcoming March events
  • NCO meeting Saturday February 16th
  • School of the Soldier
  • Medical and Rifle loading and firing certification cards

8. Civilian Coordinator’s Report

9. Recruiter’s Report

10. Old Business

  • 2014 Civilian and Soldier of the Year awards presentation
  • Website update
  • Powder & Cap sales
  • Cooking/camping/loaner gear needs

11. New Business

  • Women in the Ranks SOP
  • Fund raising for 2014
  • Planning and preparation for upcoming events
  • Volunteers needed to help with event preparation

12. For the Good of the Order

13. Adjournment