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Packing Clothes and Valuables Safely

One of the most common questions that mission viejo moving company encounter during every pre-moving meeting with their clients is about clothes. The movers’ clients are also normal people. These people have normal jobs and lives. Packing clothes is always a hassle because everyone’s changing their clothes each day. As the move gets near, their clients will spend incredibly long hours trying to pack their items and furniture whenever they are able.

This packing routine goes into panic and overdrive whenever it is only a few days away from the moving date. Because of such, clients are often sick and tired of the entire preparation of packing. Clothes are among the last things packed, and by the time these are to be packed, the clients are desperate enough to try shortcuts in packing.

Clothes Packing

Clothes can actually be left on the drawers and cabinets. Movers can carry these. Of course, there’s only so much that they can carry. If the clothes are to be left on the drawers, movers advise their clients to pack heavy clothes.

Lightweight clothing like sweaters and shirts are examples of clothes that can be kept unpacked and inside drawers. They can also include blouses, and lingerie. Some people kept items like books, table linens or sheets in their drawers and movers will want these to be packed.

Apart from the heavy weight these items present, drawers aren’t exactly designed and made to travel with during long drives. Only lightweight items may be kept inside it. Drawers with heavy items are prone to suffer from damages during the drive. As always, fragile and breakable items should also be packed elsewhere.

Frozen Food Packing and Jewelry

Sometimes, people include frozen food during moving out. Now, due to the perishable nature of these items, Mission Viejo Movers advises their clients to tell them beforehand. If the clients don’t have special containers for these, they have some in supply.

This is especially the case for long-distance drives from one state to another. There are some movers who will insist on only moving some kinds of frozen items. There is a list of these available with their company.

As for valuables like jewelry and money, if the client doesn’t want to carry this himself and would like the movers to do this for him, he should inform the company at once. He should be ready with a list of valuables. In most cases, he would then be asked to bring these so the client and one of the mover’s employees can verify the existence of these valuables.

Obviously, given the choice, mover companies will want these valuables be carried by the client himself. In fact, they’ll strongly recommend it, or even advise the client to hire another company that specializes in moving these kinds of valuables.

Still, whatever client’s decision may be in the end, everything included in the moving out is considered insured for anything that may happen during the moving out, transit and moving in. If the items should be lost or damaged, an investigation will be done and the insurance claim will be promptly awarded.

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