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Cost-Effective Solutions for Varicose Vein Treatment

MDPower, Inc is the proud distributor of NES Advanced Reprocessing System products for the international market. Our flagship device is the Reprocessed ClosureFast™ Radiofrequency Catheter for varicose veins (formerly known as VNUS).

Reprocessing has revolutionized the medical device market in the US and now it is available in your country!

Purchase a Reprocessed Catheter for 50% less than what you pay for a brand new one.

You should know that:

  • Our FDA-cleared Reprocessed Catheters are 100% safe. Thus far, they have been used over 80,000 times without any complaints or complications.
  • Compared to using a new catheter, using a Reprocessed Catheter does not affect your insurance reimbursement for the procedure.
  • You will also be making a contribution to environmental conservation.

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