Stem Cells

By: Joe Gutierrez

What Are Some Impacts of Using Stem Cells In Medical Treatment?

Some Impacts of using stem cells are that it can help the world in many ways. For example, according to, Stem cells are being tested for a new drug. But controlling cell proliferation and differentiation requires basic research. Also cancer and birth defects are because of cell division and differentiation. Another fact is that research in mice and other animals means that bone marrow stromal cells can be helpful. These stem cells can be harmful or helpful, it just depends what the stem cells are used on.

According to explore stem cells, Stem cells have potential in health and medical research. It can help people if they need it. Also Scientists have researched about how stem cells can transform. For example, Stem cells can form cells and tissues for medical therapies and help for medical reasons. Stem cells can also help with treating diseases.

Some more impacts of using stem cells are that, according to mayoclinic, stem cells can grow and become tissue. Because of this scientists continue to advance knowledge on stem cells. Also adult cells might be able to create unrelated types of cells and by altering the genes in adult cells, researchers can reprogram cells. And the embryos are used in stem cell research that are fertilized.

According to Medical uses of stem cells, Stem cells have been found in heart disease. Although stem cells are a promising area for type 1 diabetes. The cells in adults can provide new liver cells and adult stem cells can help a sick person. Adult stem cells provide good treatment for corneal damage. We have also seen interests in using stem cells in vet clinics as well. This is concluding my article on what are some impacts of using stem cells in medical treatments.

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