The Downside of the Columbian Exchange

A Vigorous Virus

Smallpox is a highly contagious and lethal disease. The disease causes blisters to spread across your body which then fill up with pus, and fall off leaving scars. The worldwide spread of Smallpox stopped due to the smallpox vaccine. The last case in the United States was in 1949, and the last case in the World was in Somalia in 1977.

Victims of the Virus

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The Calamity of the Disease

Native Americans did not know about the disease and was not prepared to face it. Europeans took advantage of the disease by using biological warfare it to clear populations of Native Americans. Examples include giving the native americans blankets that were infected by the disease. The disease spread rapidly and wiping mass populations of Native Americans to grow their size in territory and gain their resources. The death rate in Massachusetts was 75%. Many villages were left abandoned and the land was left uninhabited.