The Confederacy's news

From Bright Freedom's Song by Gloria Houston

lincoln is elected

News for all Confederates!

President Abraham Lincoln was elected on March 4th, 1861. As the Confederate States of America, this will be the inevitable end of slavery if we do not stop it. Anyone who sees this man, be it master, slave, or soldier, should apprehend him on sight and attack with intent to severely injure him.

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Meeting in Montgomery

Representing the states that seceded, all delegates have met in Montgomery, Alabama to form the Confederate States of America and make the newspaper you're holding right now. Soon more states will likely secede and become part of the C.S.A. They will eventually succeed in winning the war and win our cause for right.
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Seceding States

Over the past year, we have also had more states join our cause. Staring with South Carolina, the states of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas soon followed to join the Confederacy. They will help convince everyone that slavery should continue.
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