SSW Announcements

September 16, 2016

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General Announcements

*All forms linked in the SSW announcements below can be found in the Social Work Resources Google Folder.
  • CONFIDENTIAL REPORT OF SUSPECTED STUDENT MALTREATMENT form now includes fax number for the assistant sup's offices. I have received requests for a version that can be typed on. It seems that it varies from computer to computer on what program you are using to open a PDF. My computer uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and it has an "edit" button but I have noticed that others do not. I suggest that you play around with the program that you are using to open a PDF to see if it allows you to edit.
  • If you are interested in signing up for the Crisis Team sign up here, we will then contact you with more details.
  • SAT team information : Additional information can now be found on the schoology group : SPPS OCCR: Student Assistance Teams. The group is a work in progress so some of the files are empty, but will be filling up. The code is as follows: 958CQ-HPXPR
  • Surrogate Parent Program- Surrogate Parents are assigned to students in special education or students being evaluated for special education who are state wards or do not have a parent available. For more information (i.e. contacts, forms) please refer to the Social Work Manual>surrogate parent program.
  • ME Moves Training-OCCR1602- Implementation and Utilization of MeMoves
  • If you received an email with the following subject line: Minnesota Department of Health - MERC Grant regarding hosting an intern in past years- Stay tuned I am working on finding out more information to see if we qualify.
  • Trauma PLC's- are posted on PD express however the dates are incorrect. I will notify you when it has been corrected so that you may register.

Professional Development Opportunites

Community Resources

Sunshine Corner

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