Eagle Sightings April

Caspar van Haalen, Principal

Dear families,

With 8 days of teleschooling under our belts, you, your students, and school staff have amassed new experiences (good and bad), questions, wonderings, times of laughter, and times of frustration and anxiety:

  • It is exciting to see the technology work as we hoped it would, but it can be frustrating for everyone involved when it doesn't.

  • It is great to know that our teleschool schedules work for a number of you, but it can be frustrating for you when they don't.

  • It is rewarding to see students engaged in meaningful tasks and assignments, and we do our best to motivate those that don't seem to be engaged.

  • It is imperative that all students' individual accommodations are met, and we brainstorm the best ways to hold ourselves accountable, so that services are not compromised.

To-date student, parent, and teacher feedback indicates two main things:

  • One shoe size clearly doesn't fit all.

  • Screen time must be kept at a minimum and may vary per class and grade level.

Regarding equity:

  • As a school, we want to respect and understand how both students and families can be equitably accommodated during this time of teleschooling.

  • We don't want you to feel needlessly overwhelmed, under pressure, and overly anxious by our teleschooling efforts.

  • What we want students to do must be reasonable and feasible for everyone.

  • If we frustrate families with requirements that simply cannot be met, we are not doing right by your students and you.

Regarding screen time:

  • Our staff constantly evaluates the effectiveness of curriculum delivery by communicating with their students and you. In doing so, they do their best to balance screen time with offline learning. Wednesday afternoons are now non-instructional and reserved for teacher prep and collaboration (from 1:15 - 3:15).

  • There is no playbook with guaranteed success for all. We simply do the best we can, with grace and empathy for every family and their own unique circumstances.

We appreciate all of your hard work in supporting your students and in supporting our efforts, knowing that this is such a stressful time with so many unknowns. Automated attendance phone calls have been suspended. Instead, teachers check in with students daily, and office staff will make personal phone calls if a student has not been responsive for two consecutive days. If your student is sick or if you feel your student needs a break for a day, please let the classroom teacher know.Together, we will keep doing our best to ensure that our students are being prepared for their learning next year.

Thank you, and be as well as you possibly can.

In educational partnership,

Caspar van Haalen


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Scholastic ONLINE Book Fair!

Need a new book? No obligation to purchase. However, if you'd like to participate please note:

  • Orders of over $25 ship free to purchasers home
  • FHES benefits from all purchases


the month ahead....

4/3 submit your Mystery Musician guess to Mrs. Danskine

4/3-4/16 Scholastic ONLINE Book Fair

4/13-4/17 Spring Break | No School

You may notice a change in SKYWARD

As the district gets things ready for the move to our new information system, Qmlativ, there is some clean up happening with student and family information. You may notice some changes when you receive an email or log onto SKYWARD.

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