EVERYBODY wears these clothing trends, why can't WE?!

Fashion says YES/ Dress Code says NO

The latest fashion trends that are being worn today have a big impact in teenagers lives, so much that they want to show off their new style to their friends at school. "Whats that?" "They CAN'T?" That's right, the students of Coppell high school aren't allowed to wear any shirts that show the shoulder, that are lace, sheer, etc. There are more and more ridiculous dress code rules that are being enforced as trends get more and more popular, such as Nike Shorts. "I just don't understand why we can't wear what everybody wears in the fashion magazines!" Says CHS student, Stephanie Alexander. "If a cute trend is worn appropriately then why can't we wear it." And I'm sure Alexander is not the the only student that feels this way, so if you have a complaint make sure to tell the administration and maybe we can get them to understand our feelings on dress code. And hopefully we'll be able to wear what "everybody wears in the fashion magazines" as Stephanie states it.