Shedd Teen Learning Lab

Jen's Practicum Spring 2014

My Mission as a Shedd Teen Learning Lab Intern

To gain exposure to to innovative efforts in informal science education while working closely with the Teen Learning Lab Staff to assist in curriculum design and with special programs/projects while learning about incorporating technology into curriculum design in informal settings game-based learning, and other informal learning practices that are unique to Shedd Aquarrium.

I learned something new everyday!

Here's a sample of what we did...

Mission Development

Shedd received grant from HIVE to collaborate with other organizations on a project to prepare teens and their own organizations for the future of digital credentials. The project team will pilot a workshop for teens focused on job readiness skills that will earn participants a digital badge. The team will also develop guidelines to help organizations establish the criteria for accepting badges as valued credentials. I developed three mission related to marine mammal careers that will be included in the Shedd Badging Portal.