Brendan Parish-Ms.Spiers

poalr bear

San Degio zoo

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San Diego Zoo

It would of took us 33 hours if we went to the san Diego zoo but instead of going we went to the website and learned about animals and watched the animal cams and learned about polar bears.

The poalr bear in the arctic

It took 33 hours if we went to the San Diego Zoo. But we still learned the polar bear instead of going. We went to the website of it.

polar bear life

polar bears can weight up to 700to 1600 pounds.( 317 to 725 kilograms. )Polar bears live off the coast of the artic lands. They use their webbed front paws to swim in the cold water.

polar bear foods

Polar bears eat seals, and fish. Polar bears attack when they see their prey.

Polar Bear life cycle

Polar bear babies are called cubs. Most female polar bears give birth to two babies at a time. Cubs are born in a snow den.