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Paint and Mosaics and DIY. Oh My!

Hey Tanglewood Fans,

Announcing something BIG and COLORFUL and DIY!

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Gosh, I feel a bit like Dorothy wearing those ruby red slippers walking down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Except my slippers are bright purple or maybe chartreuse green. Okay you get the idea, I LOVE color. My LOVE of color is precisely what helped start me down this road to upcycling furniture with fun, funky colors. Now that I'm a seasoned traveller in the DIY upcycling world, I'm ready to help YOU start upcycling your own creations too! Starting this week Tanglewood Works is selling Debi's design diary DIY so you too can start your paint journey!

We are now happy to be selling paint, liquid patina and wax in a wide variety of colors and sizes from super fabulous Debi's design diary DIY product line. I love, Love, LOVE these products and I know you will too! This is a great choice for the DIYer that wants to grab a pre-made paint color and get painting!

Mosaic Meetup Extended

We had our first Gateways Arts District #UpcycleJunkies Mosaic Meetup last Wednesday and it was an overwhelming success and a total blast! But,... we really needed lots MORE time to keep working on our mosaic projects. So much more time that I've decided to extend the Mosaic Meetup for the next 3 Meetup sessions. Sign up today for the upcoming Mosaic Meetups on May 4, May 18 and June 1.

LIVE from the SHOP

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Be Well, Be Happy, Be Green

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

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