Monday Message

Week of February 4th - February 8th

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here is a look at what lies ahead this week!

Our Week At A Glance....

Monday, February 4th:

8:45 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

9:00 504 Meeting (Traci)

9:40 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

10:35 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

11:20 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

1:30 LEAD Observation (Traci)

2:10 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Tuesday, February 5th:

**Wellness Clinic on campus: 6:45 - 9:00**

*4th Grade Writing Benchmark*

8:50 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

9:00 504 Meeting (Traci)

10:30 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

2:00 IEP Meeting @ Forest Vista (Kelly)

3:00 CREW Meeting

3:15 Instructional Team meeting - Library

Wednesday, February 6th:

*Counselor Appreciation Day*

*Evacuation Drill*

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

8:50 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

9:30 PTA Meeting (Traci)

9:40 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

2:15 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

2:15 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

Thursday, February 7th:

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

8:00 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

8:15 LEAD Observation (Traci)

9:00 LEAD Observation (Traci)

9:00 PTA Board Meeting - Library

2:15 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

Friday, February 8th:

*Student Council Carnation Sales*

7:45 Morning Assembly

8:30 Internet Safety Assembly: K-2

9:00 Internet Safety Assembly: 3-5

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

12:30 Speech IEP Meeting (Traci)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Something To Inspire

Big picture

Something To Make Us Think/Help Us Grow...

Developing A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is one of the newer buzz words circulating in education. Plug it into the "Educational Jargon Generator" and you get this - We will prioritize innovative dialogue via self-reflection - definitely jargon! What role does a growth mindset play in your classroom? Does it have a role? Developing a growth mindset is more than just knowing what it is and the theory behind it - it's an on-going process.The steps in this quick-read can help you get the process started!

"BEEFY" Bulletin Boards

The halls of OSE are looking great with the steps teachers are taking to "BEEF" up their bulletin boards! WOW! Traci and I saw some awesome student work displayed this week and our halls are starting to come alive! We even handed out several "Beefing Up Bulletin Board" awards as well! You can see some of the amazing student work displayed below as well as the creativity of your colleagues as they designed their boards with these things in mind:

  • Student work is the main focus
  • The standard or learning target the work was intended to meet/address is displayed
  • Board is eye-catching & visually appealing with colorful background, border, and title
  • Board contains current student work

It's so exciting to see the work of students and staff showcased for everyone to see!

Something To Make Us Laugh....
Have a fantastic week - shine bright!