Activated Carbon Tap Water

Tap Water Filter System

Importance of water

Water in our world is very important because of how we live. Our lifestyle is revolving around having safe water to drink, to use to clean clothes and make it so that the animals can live too
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Water system's

A tap water filter is connected to your home from the city water source if you live in the city you probably have a well that you get water from instead. With a well if you want safe water then you would need a filter system to clean the water from bacteria and other bad stuff for your body to intake in something like water that is essential for human life.The city water system is a lot bigger than a well system because it needs to clean water for lots of homes and family's in the city.
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How it works

The most common tap water filter system is the carbon activated system. The tap water system first take water form a source like a lake or river. Then the water is sucked to a structure where chemicals of some sort is added. Then the water is sucked through tubs to another place where the water goes through a process called sedimentation where coagulation and floccualtion is used. After the water is taken to place where it goes through filteration. Then disinfected and stored in the local water storage where you get the water that you drink if you live in a city

Effects on the envirerment and water itself

The effects on the envirerment is more towards the materials used to make the system. Lots of materials are used like metal, wood ,plastic etc . Some of which are not reuse able and can effect the earth. The effects toward the water itself is thee stuff we are putting in the water all those chemicals to clean it can also be harmful to us if not treated properly.
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How Water Filters and Purifiers Work


The Activated Carbon system is use to make sure that the water we drink is clean and safe. The system is used to make it so that people can be sure that they are drinking safe water. The system is vital for big city's and towns like Toronto.
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