The Beatles

By Conor Moriarty

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Impact of the Beatles

The impact that the Beatles had was quite impactful. The Beatles changed the way people thought and went about their daily lives. They defined rock and roll at the time. There were so many things that they did.

As silly as this sounds, even their hairstyle was adopted! Because of their increasing popularity, how they looked became an important factor to many people. People wanted to be them in fact. So because of this their hairstyle was adopted and so was the later trends they set. Now back in the 60s and 70s long hair was just becoming a acceptable style. They were definitely the ones who popularized the "hippie trend" which became a large part of american culture.

Now their looks weren't the only thing that changed america. Their music was very very successful. Many of their songs were Top 100 singles. This was very hard to do. Music is such a large part of any culture. In this case their music appealed deeply to the people of America and the world at the time. They also had a heavy influence on the younger part if society. Many young people looked up to them and adopted many things they did for their own.

If it wasn't for the Beatles, who knows what our culture would be like today? That is how they much they changed the course of history. Their impacts still are seen today. Who knows what our could be without "Beatle Mania".

Roots of Rock and Roll

The music genre of "Rock and Roll" stemmed from many previous existing genres of music. A saxophone and piano were common instruments that were played in Rock. Blues and jazz were essentially the "backbone" of its roots. Since the 1950s it has evolved through the years.
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The Beatles are still very popular and still regarded as one of the best bands of all time. The reason they have kept their popularity is because of their quality and quantity of music. Not only did they have good songs, they had a large amount of good songs that you could listen too over and over again. In addition to this, they were THE first. They were the first popular rock band which heightens their status.

Top Songs

Hey Jude

Here Comes the Sun

Twist and Shout

Come Together

A Hard Days Work

I Want to Hold Your Hand


1960 - The Beatles have their debut.

1964 - Their song "I want to hold your hand" tops the charts.

1964 - They perform live on tv gathering 75 million to watch them. This is record breaking.

1980 - John Lennon is shot and killed.

2012 - Sir Paul McCartney perfoms "Hey Jude"

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