The Third South Sudan Civil War


(Precursor Event)-First Sudanese Civil War

South Sudan is just always fighting. "Why?" you may ask, well it all started in 1955, when South Sudan wanted to break away from Sudan because South Sudan didn't have a fair level of autonomy. Guerrilla warfare went on and eventually stopped in 1972 because a peace deal was made. This deal was called the Addis Ababa Agreement. The Addis Ababa Agreement said that South Sudan would have a minor amount of autonomy, and that's what South Sudan wanted. Peace lasted 11 years until another civil war came about. This was the Second South Sudanese Civil War.

(Precursor Event)-The Second Sudanese Civil War

In 1983 fighting breaks out again because the President of Sudan at that time, President Nimeiry, abolished South Sudan's autonomy. As you could imagine, this infuriated South Sudan and they went to war again. This went on until 2005, when the North/South Comprehensive Peace Agreement was made.

The Issue (Third Sudanese Civil War)

Riek Machar, ex- vice president of Salva Kiir Mayardit, gets accused of plotting to overthrow Mayardit. Mayardit is correct, and it turns out that Machar is leading the rebel force SPLM. Now, Salva Kiir Mayardit has to fight off the SPLM
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Economy Growth

South Africa, which is where South Sudan is located, does not have an economy like they would like. The South Sudan Civil Wars probably affects this. Yes, this graph is before the third civil war. But, you could imagine how much worse it would be if this graph was up to date.


In the first and second war, South Sudan's autonomy rights were being fought for. In the current war, it is mainly about the people's rights to oil. South Sudan is very oil-rich, but does not give any to the people. The Sudan People's Liberation Army is fighting for their rights to have certain resources

South Sudan's resources

They own the NIle River, and have access many natural resources like copper, gold, silver, etc. The SPLM does not own anything, because they are not an area, just a rebel group.
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South Sudan President- Salva Kiir Mayardit

He is the President of South Sudan. He took over the country in 2011 and gained the country independence, which is what South Sudan wanted for over 45 years. He is now against Riek Machar, who is rebelling against the South Sudan Government.
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Riek Machar-leads SPLM(Sudan People's Liberation Army)

Riek Machar is actually Salva Kiir Mayardit's ex- vice president. He now leads the rebel force SPLM and is trying to overthrow Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Weapons and Alliances

-Sudan used rifles acquired from Israel and had a very powerful army because they were the government.

-South Sudan got help from the U.S, but still had a very weak army.