May 2023


10 Kid-Friendly Volunteer Ideas for Families this Summer

Volunteering teaches kids the importance of giving back to their communities. It also helps them grow as people, build strong selfesteem, develop social and life skills, and show appreciation. Families can use these kid-friendly volunteer ideas to encourage their children to make a difference in their community and help them cultivate compassion, empathy, and a passion for helping others.

1. Clean up the neighborhood. Grab a trash bag and some rubber cloves and pick up trash and litter and items that can be recycled. Get other families involved to build connections and community pride.

2. Get moving for a good cause. Participate in events like 5K runs or fun runs that donate funds raised to a local charity that's near and dear to your child's heart.

3. Collect items for a homeless shelter or food bank. Find out their biggest needs, and design flyers to hang up and hand out to neighbors that explain how to donate to help neighbors in need.

4. Don’t forget the animals. Organize a collection of pet supplies to support an animal rescue. Look into what types of items rescues need. Then ask family members, neighbors, and friends to help out.

5. Hold a lemonade stand. Volunteerism and an entrepreneurial spirit come together when kids hold a lemonade stand in the summer. Pick a charity and donate a portion of the proceeds to it.

6. Decorate paper lunch bags or placemats. Senior communities love donations of items like lunch bags or placemats. Encourage your child to get creative with designs as they learn how important it is to support our “grandfriends.”

7. Give back to those who support the community. Hand out cookies or water bottles to mail carriers, delivery people, and trash collectors to show appreciation. Deliver a meal or treats to the local firehouse or police station to thank them.

8. Donate books to a little library. Many communities have little libraries where people can borrow books to read. Have your child select some books they're willing to donate so another kid can enjoy them.

9. Help a neighbor. Older kids can help neighbors mow their lawns or weed in the spring and summer, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter. Giving back on a personal level helps them build relationships and see firsthand the impact they’re having on their community.

10.Go beyond volunteering. Beyond traditional volunteer opportunities, consider taking your child on a field trip to expose them to important social issues. Keep the momentum going and set volunteer goals to keep kids excited about their next opportunity to make a difference. By trying out different types of volunteer ideas, they will learn what they’re most passionate about


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Medication Pick Up

Medication needs to be PICKED UP no later than June 1st AT 3 PM the last day of school.

Thank you!

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important dates to remember

May 8- PTO Meeting @ 6 PM Library

May 10- Early Release @ 1:30pm

May 16- 5th Grade Track Meet

May 19- PTO Field Day

May 26- 5th Grade Recognition Breakfast 7:45 to 8:30 AM


May 29- No School Memorial Day

June 1- Last Day of School- Report Cards Emailed Home

June 5- Summer School Starts 8am-12pm


If you have any quetions for the office staff, please call the office and leave a message at 701-746-2440. Someone will get back to you as soon as they can.
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Century Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Join PTO in thanking our Century Elementary teachers and staff for all that they do for our students! Packets went home last week with ideas for students to celebrate their teachers (like write a note, wear their teachers' favorite color, etc). PTO will also be leading the charge in celebrating teachers with a different camp theme each day! Would you be able to assist by donating any of the listed items (like drinks, beverages, etc) on this sign-up genius? Please click on the link below if you can!

Field Day

FIELD DAY is coming soon! We need VOLUNTEERS to help run the different stations! FRIDAY, MAY 19 8:45am-2:30pm... volunteer shifts can range from an hour to the whole day - whatever works best for you!

Sign up here to volunteer! (We've had grandparents, neighbors, grad students volunteer too - doesn't just have to be mom or dad!)

Are you moving?

If so, please call the Century School office at 701-746-2440 and leave a message or email This helps us plan for the 2023-2024 school year.

News from the District

Listening is a powerful parenting tool.
You may not always know what to say but by listening carefully, with interest, and with empathy, you send the message that you care, are emotionally available, understand and accept. Kids sometimes feel that their parents “don’t understand” or “don’t listen” which can lead to a feeling of disconnection from parents. Good listening involves reflecting back or paraphrasing what your child has said so they know that you fully heard. Responses like, “It sounds like you are pretty angry at your coach” or “From what you are saying, it sounds like you feel she isn’t being a very good friend to you. Is that right?”
For more information and resources, visit
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April Students of the Month

Mrs. Carlson- JoSiya Chambers, Live Perez, Blakely Jackson

Mrs. Johnson- Frankie Lenior, Emma Phelps

Mrs. Palmiscno- Teagan McNelis, Ibtisam Aden

Mrs. Stromme- Izzy Moe, Ayantu Kero

Mrs. Devier- Blake Johnson, Ruby Rasmussen

Mrs. Geatz-Braaten- Alex Nguyen, Aroma Mapchhan

Ms. Gunstenson- Aubreanna Hernandez

Ms. Heinert- SeQuoyah Smith-Haggerty

Mrs. Schueler- Nataalie Tinkler, Karson McCraney, Stacy Glaum

Mrs. Stensland- Alideya Charboneau, Christopher Harrison

Ms. Wahlin- Harper Lynch, River Griffin, Carson Gray

Mr. Johnson- Asiya Kero, Jasper Reile

Mrs. Larson- Grayson Wilcox, Chloe Souvannasacd

Mrs. Lunak- Brinley Quast, Layla Chahal

Mrs. Berger- Tegan Haugen

Mrs. Buchhop- Aarya Kharel

Mr. Willberg- Fenix Doernbach, Ma'kia Wiley-Walker, John Vien

Mrs. Curtiss- Bright Kella

Mrs. Jefferson- Aryanna Hegg

Ms. Zehms- Zaylen Rolf, Delvin Tarr

Mrs. Beaton- Drayce Vivier, Jose "Jr" Patlan

Ms. Ljunggren- Katelyn Quinn

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century PTO

May PTO Meeting

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