:Size of the planet 36,814 Mi.

:Comparing Saturn to Earth. They are not similar in size Saturn is way bigger.

: Temperature is -270 degrees Fahrenheit.

: It has 91% of earth gravity .

: Surface is mostly helium.

: Orbits the sun 29 earth years.

: It takes 10 hours to rotate.

:Weather is very strong winds.

: Saturn has 62 moons and 3 rings

: Saturn is composed of many gasses.

: Saturn was discovered in 1656.

: Saturn got its name by the roman God Saturnuss.

:Saturn can also be viewed from Earth.

In the picture below is Saturn compared to Earth.

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Interesting facts

1. Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.

2.Is not the only planet with rings many other do but are very thin and cant see.

3. Sometimes is called the "Jewel of the solar system."