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Climate, Geography, Land

The country of Oman covers 119,499 square miles of the Arabian Peninsula.Oman has eight region. These terrain consists of mountains, deserts, fertile coastal strips, and gravel plains. Winter temperatures are cool; average low 60°F and highs average 81°F. Summer temperatures are hot and humid it can reach up to 120°F and lows average can drop to 84°F from June to August.


The religion in Oman is Islam. People who practice this faith are called Muslims. There holy book is called Qurʾan. Muslims do not drink alcohol or eat pork. They fast each day during the holy month of Ramadan.The men usually wear a white dishdasha with a farakha or kashku and a kumma in public. For formal occasions, such as work at a government job, a man might wear amussar on top of his kumma. The mussar is wrapped in different ways. Schoolboys wear a dishdasha and kumma. For very formal events, men may wear a bisht over their dishdasha and a khanjar around their waist. Also they carry a thin, ornamental cane. Traditionally womens clothing contains three main pieces, a loosely fitted dress that extends below the knees, baggy trousers, and a lahaf. In public, Omani women often wear an abaya over their clothing to cover all but the hands and face. Some women, cover their faces with a burqa. Omani schoolgirls wear long white pants, brown or blue tunics, and white headscarves. rice is served on a large platter with fish or meat , sauce, salad, onions, and limes. Dishes are flavored with spices such as cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron. At breakfast, Omanis have round flat bread with honey and laban. Dinner is a light meal that includes rice or bread. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, dates, and fruits are usually the snacks.

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