Problem Solving

Using UPSL to differentiate between addition and subtraction

Examine the bar graph below.

How many more days did it rain in June than in August?

What does it mean to examine the graph?

Let's find out...

Key Points

  • All graphs have a title.

Rainy Days

Key Points

  • All graphs represent a collection of data.

The key tells us that the maroon bars represent the number of days it rained.

Key Points

  • The left side of this bar graph tells us when the data was collected

The months of May, June, July, and August

Key Points

  • The bottom of this bar graph shows us the amount.

The number of days it rained, each line represents 2 days.

When we see a bar graph we want to identify the amount for each time the data was collected.

How many days in May did it rain? June? July? August?

ALWAYS write it on the graph.

Now that we have examined the graph we can begin our UPSL strategy to solve the problem!

How to Justify your Answer with College Readiness

Ask yourself the following questions

  • What operation did you use to solve the problem?
  • Why?
I used ___________________ to solve the problem because_______________________.

  • Does your answer make sense?
I wanted to know ____________________________________________. By______________ (Continue by explaining the work you completed) I determined that ________________________ (the answer).

  • How do you know?
I know this is correct because__________________________________.