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Vehicle Sales

Whether your a car dealership or someone selling your personal vehicle, gosell.mobi can be used to advertise, connect, and SELL!

Plans and pricing:

There are a few payment options that can be set up to accommodate to your needs.

Our most common option is to pay-per-lead. It is FREE to set up and will give you the freedom to not have to pay anything if no one uses the service! If a lead comes in, you are charged $10.00.

Our second option is pay-per-month. With this feature you will be charged a minimal set up fee plus your monthly fee.

*This option offers unlimited incoming texts.

*120 characters per message.

*Monthly fees will be dependant on the amount of vehicles that are on a car dealership lot. Contact our sales team for further information at sales@gosell.mobi

If you are selling a vehicle privately, gosell.mobi can also accommodate to your needs as well! The process is the same to sign up and set up, but you will be charged a one time fee of $10.00 to sell your personal vehicle/bike/boat/etc as you will receive a single text code.

*This option is valid up to 50 texts.

*120 characters per message.

Ministry-Organization Communication & Multitasking

If you are a church or a non profit organization, gosell.mobi can be used to gather group information, set up real time "text in" questions, text based children's ministry alerts, text based bulletins and info. The possibilities are endless!

Plans and pricing:

Depending on the amount of people within your congregation or organization, our pricing plans are as follows.

Staff Organization implementation

gosell.mobi can be used to provide your staff and team the best opportunity to transfer information through text messaging. Staff can have their schedule sent to them via text message or go about replying to scheduling requests all on their mobile phone! And you dont even need a smart phone!

Plans and pricing:

For staff organization and implementation, gosell.mobi can provide a couple different pricing plans depending on the features that are needed for you and your team. Please contact our sales team at sales@gosell.mobi for further information.

Personal Sales

One of the benefits of using gosell.mobi is that you can use it to sell pretty much anything! If you are planning a block party and need to get out your information quick, or if you have a garage sale coming up and your community needs to know about it, all you need to do is to let us know the information of your event and you will receive a text code from us. After that, just take that text code and place it everywhere to broadcast your event.

Plans and pricing:

To use our service to broadcast your event or sell anything you need, the cost is just

$10.00 per code and you get up to 50 texts received.

*For an event that may require a larger amount texts codes, please contact our sales team at sales@gosell.mobi