A pocket full of kisses

What is the fore-ground and in the background?

The path your eyes follow is focusing on the raccoons as nature is in the background.

What color domniate the image?

Green dominates the image, which shows nature to demonstrate realism in the images. The color choices represents an uplifting experience. There are always faded color in each page for the text in the story. The illustrations are full-bleed which gives the reader a better image of the setting.

What is the reality value or level of abtsraction?

The images are life like throughout the raccoon family and nature setting. The recurring is the insect on the each page that watches over the family.

Are there any anomalous elements?

The other animals are always watching over the raccoon family. The other animals have nothing to do with the story.

Are there any recurring symbols or motifs in the image?

The recurring symbol was that there was nature always involved in the background. There framed with nature and sometimes framed with lines.

Consider the scale and size. What is large? Why are certian elements larger than the others Does this add meanings of power, control?

The raccoons are larger because they are the center of the story. The raccoons do represent power and control throughout the story because they are center of the story.