Arbitrary Arrest And Exile

Human Rights Violations

What Is A Human Right & What Is Being Violated?

Human rights are right you get for simply being a human, and you get them when your first born. Human rights are important and lets us be free, but there are cases where people abused their power and then violate your rights as a human. Article 9 in the Universal Human Rights document, it states that people have the right to walked down the street without police officers arresting, putting you in jail, beating you with arrested and/or unarmed. Including the potential consequences such as in the process of arrest, the officer instead of placing you in the car to send you away without a fir trial, your shot or beaten to potential death. These acts of violent outburst and attack with citizens, majority being black or Latino, young males between the ages of preteens to teenagers to young adults.This is an issue all over the United States that has caused innocent people in jail, has caused people new scars and battle wounds, and the death of many loved ones. Young black or Latino males are getting interrogated and arrested and killed. And under what grounds? For walking down on street? For trying to go somewhere? For standing outside your house? And yet the victim is to blame for fighting back when the one in authority had started the situation. Then a family as at a loss, and the police officer gets to walk away free, and even if they do get some type of sentence, it's always reduced or get let out early. This is still going on in the streets. Young kids are already fighting a war on the streets, with themselves, with their families, with each other, and now the police. Police officers should be reassuring our safety, we entrust them with it, and yet people who are innocent are getting shot, beaten, sent away without a valid reason to.

What's Being Done

As far as police brutality goes, its a violation against human rights. What's being done is that there are law firms/attorneys are specified in this field and situation to help people who were or are survivors get help or justice. For the families who have lost their child(ren) due to this problem, they are getting help for justice. Overall, in the cases that don't really have justice done, people make iconic picture, used quotes, and use it to inform that police brutality is still around and it can happen to anyone. The public is the informer, and the death of their loved ones are getting justice by being used as an example to help prevent police brutality as opposed to leave it in the laws hands.

Police Brutality & Misconduct Attorney

They help give justice to the victims of the deceased and the families who suffered the loss of ones.